Facebook Fan Page Fiascos

August 9, 2010

I’m all for Facebook and Fanpages.  I think that when used properly they can get excellent Google rankings, raise awareness for you business and even make you money.  The key is… ‘When done properly!’

I don’t know what the secret formula is for how many times you should invite someone to your fan page… How about just once or at least just once in a while. Instead of begging for new fans, one might think about engaging their current fans.  You do that by keeping your content…

  • Interesting
  • Relevant
  • Valuable

Think about making it a destination where people want to go to instead of an annoyance that makes people want to drop you.  There is a difference between Social Media Massacring and Social Media Marketing.


Intrusive Marketing vs. Attraction Marketing

December 28, 2009

Attraction MarketingI’m convinced that traditional marketers don’t understand marketing online.  They think that the old style of intrusive marketing (or marketing by intimidation) thus shoving their stuff in your face works online.

No one goes online to see your ads, your company or what’s on sales at your store. No one goes online to really find out anything about you at all!  They only go online to find out about them. Are you intruding in their space… getting in their face… oblivious to the fact that they  just don’t care? Why is that?

Attraction marking is the only way to market online.  People who transition from print, radio and TV are totally missing the mark.  On those medium people are trapped.  If you are watching Oprah and want to see the next diet or ‘who the real father is…’, you have to stay through the commercial break.  That’s why they call it a cliffhanger.  Because they leave the person hanging off of the cliff until they come back.

Online, if you aren’t interesting… people will be gone and they will never return.  They may even label you as a spammer. They don’t have to be there like they do on TV.  Online, people are not trapped.  They’re not hanging off of a cliff.   There is no incentive to be there one second longer than they need to be.

Intrusive marketing doesn’t work! It’s like trying to push a string… If you want to move a string, you need to pull, not push. Guess what… people aren’t interested in you!  They are interested in them!

Before you make your next post, before you make your next tweet… ask yourself… “Is this really about me or is this about them?”

Is 10% off my store merchandise about them or me? (really?)

Is information about my services about them or me? (really?)

Is shoving my services in their face really about them or me? Ask yourself… would you want to read this article, email or tweet? If not, why would they? Add value to their life and grow your follower base, customer base and attract more business. Shove your issues in their face and lose customers, followers and respect.

The Exception or ‘The Rule’?

December 26, 2009

Rules...Are you the exception or are you ‘the rule’? I know it’s a line from a dating movie, but it’s more than that…

Here’s a dose of reality… average sucks! Too many people are complacent with it because getting beyond ‘ok’ is too difficult.

Many people see others that are beyond ‘ok’ and figure that those people got lucky or have extraordinary talent. That’s very rare… it’s probably a result of someone who didn’t settle for average.

‘The rule’ is people are lazy. ‘The rule’ is people give up. ‘The rule’ is people don’t try. ‘The rule’ is people settle. ‘The rule’ is people stay in their comfort zone. ‘The rule’ is if you want something different, you have to be the exception… that’s why they call it exceptional.

They don’t give medals for average. They give them for being the best!  Go be the best!  The second best lawyer at a trial – lost, so did the second best goalie. The second best fighter pilot is dead. What was that one guy’s name that lost to Michael Phelps in the Olympics by 1/100th of a second? I don’t know and I don’t care.

Society rewards the winner! Forget ‘the rule!’ Let other people follow the rules. Break the rules! Defy the odds! Be the exception! Be exceptional!

Corporate Whack-A-Mole?

December 10, 2009

Whack-A-MoleI’m sick of watching people put round pegs into round holes and then patting themselves on the back for ‘thinking out of the box!’ Doing what you are expected to do… they way it’s always been done… isn’t ‘thinking out of the box’ it actually is, in fact, ‘the box!’

I met up with a group a CEO’s that ‘believe’ that they ‘think out of the box’. Thinking out of the box isn’t a belief, it’s an action. When amazing ideas get crushed by a homogeneous group of people that have ‘tried something like that before…’ I call that corporate Whack- A-Mole. My definition of corporate Whack-A-Mole is when someone actually starts to stick their head out of a box and others immediately crush their idea (whack them on the head), to get them back in the box… just like in the carnival game.

Granted, not every idea is brilliant, but mediocrity sucks! I’d rather crash and burn than be average ANY DAY! Many people put down your ideas because of their fears of your success. It could be because they actually tried something similar and it didn’t work for them, but it’s more likely that they just don’t want it to work for you. Maybe they were too afraid of trying something new and they don’t want you to either. It could be they just don’t want you to succeed. People put down others’ ideas for a multitude of reasons beyond the possibility of failure. Usually it’s some sort of manifestation of their own fears.

The real question is when people are playing corporate Whack-A-Mole with your life, whose life are they really afraid of leaving the box? Of course, most people won’t even stick their head out of the box in the first place.

4 Secret Steps to Social Media Marketing – Revealed

August 17, 2009

It’s almost funny… how everyone’s model of Social Media Marketing is so vastly different.  The biggest challenge people seem to have when looking to market their business using social media techniques – is what to do next.  Many people have accounts on Facebook, MySpace and some even on Twitter…. lots of people have even seen countless Youtube videos… but how are people utilizing these medium to share their business with others?

We all know people look to the internet to find information on just about everything… Google has over 200,000,000 searches every single day.  That means that people are likely trying to find information about your products or services right now!  With that in mind… what steps are you taking to market your business on the web?  How effectively are they working?

The reason most people don’t market through social media outlets is that they don’t know what to do!  They know all of the parts, but no one is helping them put it all together.  It would be like Ford dropping a case of car parts in your driveway and expecting you to drive a Mustang.  Just because you have all of the parts doesn’t mean you can effectively put them all together!

In this video we reveal the 4 secret steps to Social Media Marketing… highlighting your business online!

Mixing Business, Friendship and Social Media

July 25, 2009

So I got into a debate with a friend of mine over mixing business with friendship through social media… Quite frankly, should you mix business with friendship at all?   Many people have a real challenge with this.  I never understand why.  I find it so strange that people have multiple personalities.. one for business and one for friendship.  It’s almost as if you have a green light to be an asshole, if you cloak it under the guise of “it’s business.”

Look, I run a business, in fact I run several of them.  From time to time I have to make “business decisions.”  They are always made with intelligence, heart and integrity.  People have an obligation to be themselves.  One should conduct themselves as themselves – always.  I don’t have”business Eric” and “friend Eric”… there is just “Eric!”  It must be really hard for many of you out there to manage all of your personalities!  I really think that one should be themself and if people don’t resonate with you, then they likely won’t be a good client (or business associate) for you anyways!

I know many people don’t like to mix business and pleasure.  In business, you make “sales,” by having people… “know, like and trust you.” Isn’t that what friendship is?  Why don’t people just do good business and not be so concerned about mixing the two.  If people start to do their job and make money by helping people, instead of making money by screwing people, they wouldn’t be so concerned about mixing the two.  I remember a quote from Alan Shore on Boston Legal, “All it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to say it’s a business.”

Now as far as mixing business and friendship on your social media sites… well, it really depends on how you do it!  I don’t think it’s completely inappropriate to intermingle business and friendship on your social media sites… that being said, it depends on how you do it.  Perry Belcher has a great analogy to a party; he basically says that if you march around a party and all you talk about is your “business opportunity,” you may as well put a name tag on that says “ASSHOLE!” He is right on the money.  The same goes true for the guy that marches around the business networking meeting shoving his business card in everyone’s hand.  The fact is there are jackasses in every industry… there are jerks in real estate, insurance, auto sales, mortgages – there certainly jerk lawyers and doctors and the list goes on! They are the guys that the jokes are made from…

If you are going to plaster your Facebook page with ads for your MLM or worse… on other people’s pages, that’s a little much! If you are, who Randy Gage calls a “Multi-Level Moron” who spams Twitter with your “click here now opportunity,” well, enough is enough already!  It’s no wonder people are pissed off and blasting the whole industry!

Unfortunately,  the true professionals are being judged by the actions of these obnoxious jerk-holes!  However… for the rest of us, who value our friendships, and are looking to grow our businesses as well as help others… You have every business and every right to utilize social media to grow your business. We are moving into a world where you are your business!   Soon the people who separate themselves from their business will realize how easy it is to lose their business.  People do business with people, not businesses. You are the only you!


Rubik’s Cube…and Social Media?

July 21, 2009

It has occurred to me that there are only 5 ways to solve the The Rubik’s cube puzzle.

1. You can peel the stickers off and reapply them. In this method, you really didn’t solve the Rubik’s cube, you basically masked the fact that you don’t know what you are doing. While it’s true that people may not initially be aware of your lack of skill in the matter, the reality is that you cheated. The true test wasn’t if you could pull the stickers off, hell I have an 8 year old niece that can remove and reapply a sticker, it was about solving the puzzle, not avoiding the task.

2. You can break the damn thing apart.  As many of us learned at an early age, the game is designed in such a way that if you break it apart, you can secretly snap the pieces back together again.  It loosens the structural integrity of the device.  Quite frankly, that method questions a lot of integrity, but is still a viable solution.  It doesn’t solve the problem and you didn’t learn anything.

3. You can get lucky.  Of course, there are 519024039293878272000 possible combinations, but hey…  if you have enough monkey’s in a room, punching keys on a typewriter eventually one will key out the works of Shakespeare, right?

4. You can throw it away and buy a new one.  Hell… they are only 10 bucks!  I mean if you gave it the old college try, that’s good enough… right?  Who needs to complete a task when they, you know, “Gave it a try!”

5. You can learn the trick.  There are combination of patterns that come up which will help you solve the toy.  Once you learn a few simple moves, you can solve any of the ridiculous amount of combination in less than 5 minutes.

It’s so interesting to me that most people deal with the situations in their life, the same way that they deal with a Rubik’s cube.  They can cheat, have questionable integrity, hope to get lucky, give up or try and figure it out.  The funny part is that in most situations, when one is trying to figure things out, someone is always there waiting to show them the way!  You have heard the saying that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear… it couldn’t be more true.

As a magician, it’s my job to tell you (well, maybe not my job) that there’s a trick to everything.  Don’t tell the other prestidigitators I told you!  There’s an easy way and a hard way.  Go find people to help you with the easy way… Solving a Rubik’s cube without an instruction guide is ridiculous… and IMPOSSIBLE!!!

So are many other things!   We have been working on Social Media for quite some time and found that it’s just like the Rubik’s cube dilemma.  There are all of these people trying to tell.. or more like sell you ways to be lazy and cheat, which quite frankly, never work! Are you just trying to do it yourself and get lucky? Why don’t they just show you the tricks to make it work?  Maybe the teacher is closer than you think…